The new standard of value in DXA for the office-based physician Introduced in 1987, Hologic QDR bone densitometers quickly became the standard for assessing bone mineral status. The QDR 4000 combines the reliability and economy of classic DXA technology with a unique package of value-added peripherals and software to deliver precise bone density measurements of the hip, spine and forearm and for research applications.

The QDR 4000 features high-quality imaging, low patient dose, unsurpassed precision, and a compact, low-profile design for easy patient positioning. Like all QDR instruments, the QDR 4000 utilizes the NHANES reference database and is the only bone densitometer in its class to meet national standardization criteria.

Equipped with a powerful computer system, high-resolution monitor and fast color printer, the QDR 4000 package contains a JAZ drive for data storage, CD ROM, and a modem to connect you to HOLOGIC customer support for help with scan analysis. Two reporting software programs-QDR OnePage and the optional Osteo ReportŠ -provide concise, attractive patient reports for referring physicians and to facilitate reimbursement.


    Precise, reliable DXA technology-still the "gold standard" of bone densitometry
  • Scans PA spine, hip, and forearm and research applications
  • Advanced computer system and printer, includes modem, JAZ drive and CD ROM
  • NHANES Reference Database complies with standardization guidelines
  • Internet access-ready
  • QDR OnePage combines scan and analysis results on a single page
  • QuickHELP provides an overview and virtual "walk through" of the QDR 4000's operation and capabilities
  • OsteoReport* automated reporting software facilitates reimbursement
  • Physician's Marketing Resource Kit** to help you promote your bone densitometry services
  • Physician Assistant CD*** puts operational, clinical and reference information at your fingertips



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