The QDR 4500A X-ray Bone Densitometer brings fan beam scanning capability to a new advanced clinical/research level with enhanced performance and high-resolution images for all densitometry applications.


The QDR 4500A meets all requirements for the most sophisticated clinical and research environments with standard PA spine/hip, lateral spine BMD measurement, lateral spine imaging, and total body scanning plus forearm, optional lateral spine morphometry, and investigational/research scanning capabilities.


The QDR 4500A features patented HOLOGIC continuous calibration, ensuring long-term stability independent of equipment operator. The Automatic Internal Reference System enables easy quality control data integration, making the QDR 4500A the system of choice.


QDR fan beam technology offers unmatched precision in all QDR 4500A scan modes.


Designed to yield optimal results with minimal training, the QDR 4500A incorporates operator-friendly system features that include a large, visible crosshair laser, easy on/off patient table, positioning aids and automated scan and analysis routines while maintaining silent operation.


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