The QDR 4500C X-ray Bone Densitometer offers fan beam scanning for the clinical environment, with precision and throughput unmatched by pencil beam systems.


Ideal for the physician's office, the QDR 4500C incorporates advanced fan beam technology and features found in the entire ACCLAIM Series of densitometers.


The QDR 4500C offers patented HOLOGIC continuous self-calibration ensuring long-term stability independent of equipment operator.


The first step in the ACCLAIM family of bone densitometers, the QDR 4500C is modular in design, allowing for quick and easy upgrades to advanced QDR 4500 models/capabilities with complete data compatibility.


The QDR 4500C features silent operation, automated scan and analysis protocols, a programmable scanner arm with large crosshair laser and positioning aids for quick, precise, and comfortable patient alignment.


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