Improves patient acceptance. Registered x-ray technologist not required to operate system.

Simple to Operate

Pressing one button starts and completes the test. The staff member who takes patients' height and weight can operate the unit.

Compact and Lightweight

Just 22 lbs (10Kg), Sahara comes equipped with a built-in handle for portability. The entire space required to perform a bone density test with Sahara, including chair, is less than the footprint of a standard office desk.

Requires a Minimum of Operator Training

Supplied 20-minute training video covers all the instruction needed for basic operation.

Rapid patient Throughput

The test takes less than one minute to completed. There is nothing faster on the market.

Reliable Positioning Device

Assures high reproducibility of results and minimizes operator influence.

Built-in Microprocessor and Printer

External computer and printer not required. Saves space and contributes to ease of operation.

Estimates BMD, T-Score and Z-Score

Sahara is the only ultrasound bone densitometer that estimates BMD and determines BMD T-scores. Sahara results can be used to derive Z-scores which are important for predicting fracture risk.

Reduced Exam Cost

Increase acceptance by patients and third-party payers.

Low Cost

Sahara costs less than half the price of a DXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) bone densitometer, the "gold standard" of bone densitometer.


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