SAHARA Product Specifications

Measurement Site Calcaneus (heel)
Coupling Method Sahara Coupling Gel only
Measurement Time

Less than 10 seconds

Patient Reports
Built-in Strip Printer

Estimated heel BMD and Quantitative Ultrasound Index (QUI)*

* Obtained from measured BUA and SOS

Estimated Heel BMD C.V. 3%
Estimated Heel BMD 0.014g/cm2
Absolute Precision QUI C.V. 2.6%
QUI Absolute Precision 2.2
QC Check Daily, utilizing supplied QC phantom
CPU Embedded microprocessor
Ultrasonic Energy
  • Isppa<0.001 W/cm2 typical
  • Ispta<0.001 mW/cm2 typical
  • Mechanical Index (MI) <0.01 typical
  • Pulse Repetition Rate (PRR) < 200 Hz
Safety Standards IEC601-1, UL2601-1, CSA C22.2
Size 17"D x 14"W x 12"H (43cm X 36cm x 30cm)
System Weight 22 lb. (10kg)

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Operating Requirements

Temperature 60 to 100F (15 to 37.7C)

100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, <60 watts

(automatically adjusts from 100VAC to 240 VAC, and 50 Hz to 60 Hz)

Humidity 20%-80% relative humidity, noncondensing


Shipping and Storage Requirements

Ambient Temperature -40 to 120F (-40 to 49C)
Relative Humidity

20% to 95%

Atmospheric Pressure 500 hPa to 1060 hPa


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Note: IEC 601-1 Class 1 Type BF.IPXO. The UL classification for the Sahara Clinical Bone Sonometer is Class 1 Equipment.

Specifications subject to change. U.S. Patents NO. RE 32782, 4913157, 4774959, 4361154, 4941474, 5014970, 5134999 and patents pending. GB patent 2065303. SAHARA is a trademark of HOLOGIC, INC. HOLOGIC, INC. 1997 B-130 U.S. (10/97)