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First And Only Ultrasound Bone Sonometer That Estimates BMD and Calculates BMD T-Scores

Sahara Calculates BMD T-Score and Enables Determination of Fracture Risk Sahara's built-in microprocessor compares patient BMD results to a large reference database of sex-matched, young adult subjects to produce a T-score. T-scores facilitate classification of patients at risk of developing osteoporosis, using internaltionally accepted guidelines established by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.).

Z-scores - the comparison of BMD results with age-matched peers - can also be derived from BMD and are used to estimate risk of future fracture. For this purpose, a reference database is required. Ultrasound Measurement Bone mineral density or BMD, expressed in g/cm2, has long been accepted as the international standard for assessing bone status.

The Sahara Clinical Bone Sonometer is the first and only bone densitometer that uses non-ionizing ultrasound to estimate BMD. Saraha measures the transmission of high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) through the heel. From the measured signal, three ultrasound parameters are simultaneously determined: Speed of Sound (SOS), Broadband Ultrasonic Attenuation (BUA), and the Quantitative Ultrasound Index (QUI) - sometime called "stiffness" - which is a combination of SOS and BUA. The Sahara system software automatically estimates BMD from the QUI/stiffness value.



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